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Aug 12, 2006 at 09:26 AM

Issue with VIEW and SELECT statement


I have a scenario where when we run a SELECT SINGLE query on a database view , the system hangs and subsequently doesn't give us a response.

The View is a Z.. view and is made of 4 base tables , which are ADRC,VBPA,VTTP and VTTK. The database view has approximately 8 million records.

When we run a SELECT SINGLE * INTO WA WHERE (CONDITION) query on the database view the system behaves randomly i.e. for few entries in the WHERE clause the query runs without any hic-ups. And on occasions the system hangs up and because of time-out , the program terminates.

Can some one please let me know why is the view and SELECT query behaving is such a way ?

Will appreciate anyones help !!!!