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Mar 15, 2017 at 09:05 PM

Update EWM TU based on ECC Shipment


Hey Folks,

I Setup LE-TRA Integration between ECC and EWM based on SHPMNT IDOCs. We have an integrated EWM System and IDOC Transfer based on ECC shipment is working perfectly fine. I am using ECC Output Control in order to trigger SHPMNT IDOC to EWM based on Partner profiles.

Could any one of you figure out whether it is possible to send an update to EWM. This is my Scenario:

- create shipment in ERP and assign X deliveries

- send shipment to EWM via SHPMNT IDOC

- TU is created in EWM

Up to here it is working fine

- Now add another delivery to the ERP shipment

When I now send an additional SHPMNT IDOC based on the given ERP shipment I do get an error message during IDOC Inbound processing on EWM side saying that TU with the given external number already exists.

This is correct but here I want to update the TU on EWM side so that the additional delivery is also assigned to it.

Any idea about how to make this work in Standard (could not find any hint in SAP Manuals/help/community)? If yes, would it also be possible to remove deliveries from the TU based on this Approach (remove in ERP and send update to EWM)?

Thanks a lot in advance!