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Agentry for iOS - No match action after scan is not triggering


Here you can find my previous related question that gives some context: Agentry capture value from list view barcode scanner

So what I have is an iPad screen that shows a List View with the scanned button enabled to filter by ID. I added an action for the "single match" and another for the "no match". To ensure that the problem is not in the action itself (or the target object), I tried with a simple action in both fields to popup a message.

The action in the single match shows the popup, but if I scan a value not corresponding to an ID, then the only thing that happens is that there previously selected list record gets unselected, but the popup message doesn't show up.

Is it a bug or am I missing something?

Kind Regards,

Marçal Oliveras

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  • Can you share a screen shot?

    Are you using a list view or a list tile view?

  • Hi Bill,

    I'm using a List View. I will try with a Tile List View meanwhile and let you know if I'm more lucky.

    From the screenshot, now the actions are the ones I would like to use that may fail due targeting the wrong object, but before that I just used a dummy action with a popup in both fields and it was only being triggered when there was a match. The field EquipmentID is the only one that has the checkbox "Scanner can filter on this column" enabled.

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    Mar 16, 2017 at 03:13 PM

    Update - workaround solution to the bug:

    After trying with List Tile View I discovered what is the issue. If I update the field "No match action" any moment after the creation and first deployment, the change is then not reflected in the subsequent deployments (at least in a development server).

    I found out since in the first attempt I put a popup message action in the List Tile View and it was getting called, so I thought the problem was affecting only the List View but not the List Tile View. But then I tried to replace this action by the one I actually want to use and redeployed again, but the previous action was still being called. I tried to force redeployment of the field by changing other properties but it doesn't get fixed...

    The only solution fow now is to successfully create the field in one go and then never changing the actions to call again...

    *I also tried to delete the .agdz file from the development server to ensure it was totally overwritten, but it didn't work.

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