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Crystal Report legend overlapping chart on web, but nowhere else


I have a Crystal Report with quite a few charts on it, but one of them is behaving very strangely when displayed in a Crystal Report Viewer on our website. When I size the chart to fit the area where it will reside on the chart, the default font size of the legend automatically gets set to 5. I've seen this before and I resized the chart to make it a bit smaller, then dragged the legend to make it a bit wider, and then I changed the font size to 9. The legend is positioned on the right side of the chart.

This worked great in Crystal Reports, looks great when I export the report to PDF, and looks great when I view it in Business Objects. However, when I call the report into a Crystal Report Viewer on our ASP.NET site, the legend moves over to the left, overlapping the chart. If I keep the default font size of 5, this doesn't occur. If I change the font size to 12, this doesn't occur. But my requirements are to use 9 and the only way I can get 9 to work on the site is to reduce the size of the entire chart object considerably, which also goes against my specs.

The text in the legend is somewhat long and if I shorten it, the font size appears to work as expected (and the legend doesn't jump to the left on the site), so that appears to be at least part of the cause. I've tried setting the font size with the auto-arrange option turned on and turned off, as well as checking/unchecking the "No Printer" option in page setup, all to no avail. I've confirmed that the printer driver is the same in all locations. Does anyone know why the chart would be displaying differently in the Crystal Report Viewer on the website vs. Business Objects when everything appears to be the same?

Unfortunately, I'm unable to upload the report or link to it.


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2 Answers

  • Mar 16, 2017 at 05:08 PM

    Try SP 19 and see if that resolves it. A few bug reported in formatting engine around objects.

    Yes we can no longer attach RPT files, use a 3rd party site to upload your report to.


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    • Hi Don,

      Is that SP 19 for Crystal Reports for Visual Studio? I'm guessing no since I can't find service/support packs for Crystal Reports for Visual Studio.

      We're currently using Crystal Reports for Visual Studio version

      If SP 19 is for Crystal Reports, I'm not sure I understand how that will resolve the issue since the Crystal Report engine appears to be working great locally, when exporting to another format, and when viewed from Business Objects. It only behaves differently when viewed in the Crystal Report Viewer in .NET. Also, we're publishing the website from local to a server that doesn't have Crystal Reports installed.

      For reference, I'm using Crystal Reports 2013 Support Pack 1, version


  • Mar 17, 2017 at 09:51 PM

    Ah, since you are using BOE SDK I changed the tag accordingly.

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