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Former Member
Aug 10, 2006 at 07:25 AM

Workflow-Design: Warning WD 377 does not indicate the problem


Dear experts,

I'm having problems with my first workflow which is

based on an own non-derived business object with own

events and methods. One of the last errors and warnings

thrown out by the WF Builders syntax check is:

WD377 (Indicator "Event Parameter" missing in BOR method xyz).

Actually my method has this parameter activated, and I

have checked the data flow definitions of this method

again and again, from the function module that the method

is based on to the WF container where the methods result

parameters arrive properly. The only SAP note that seems

to touch this topic is 582075 but our development system

already had the sourcecode corrections from that note.

Did anyone here in the experts forum suffer from that

kind of problem, too? Does anybody have an idea, what my

design problem "actually" might be?

Thanks in advance for your comments.