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FAGLB03 transaction not showing correct information about balances

Hi all,

I pretend to change the status of a gl account (from balance account to reconciliation account). Therefore, system requires me to leave balance=0 in the account. I have documents registered in 2016, but nothing in 2017. Therefore, I post documents in 2016 in order to leave all the balances equal to CERO (I don´t mind about 2017).

Then, when I try to change the status of the account, systems still shows me a message indicating me the account still has balances. For my surprise, I find in transaction FAGLB03 that the g/l account has inside the cell carryforward of 2017 the amount of the cancelled balance of 2016. (I have done nothing with the carryforward program) Thats why I am unable to change the status of the g/l account. Therefore, I need to post another document in 2017 cancelling the carryforward amount. Then, I am able to change the status of the g/l account.

But FAGLB03 tells me there is a balance in the g/l account, and thats a problem because in another report, the cumulative balance of the g/l account tells me it is equal to CERO. But when I go through the line item display (inside FAGLB03) system tells me there is a balance (due to my inevitable posting done in 2017 in order to change the status of the account).

Do you know what is happening or if there is a regenerative view program for FAGLB03 or FS3N?

Many thanks indeed for any solution to this strange case.

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2 Answers

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    Mar 15, 2017 at 01:45 PM

    Hi patxi,

    balance carryforward is coming from the faglgvtr or year end closing activities? If this balance coming from the faglgvtr (f.16 for glt0) restart the faglgvtr before posting to 2017. and the balance of account must be zero when you are trying to change the account option for all currencies not for the local only.

    check below link pls

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    • Former Member

      are you closing year at the end of the period like Turkey, Italy etc. ? if yes you have to transfer the actual balance from previous year to this year by using program like fagl_it_01 etc. after this your balance will be 0.

      the best way i believe is create new account with reconciliation indicator if neccessary transfer the balance of the account to responsible account.

      Finally, if you have to use this account and change the status of gl account is vital for you than here what you have to do, transfer the 2016 balance to temporary account at date 31.12.2016 or smth. than transfer the 2017 balance to that temporary account too at date 2017. in this way even if you have not closed the year the balance of 2016 and 2017 transferred correctly. Check account balance 0 for all currency (not only for document currency or local currency all currency must be transferred) . then block the account and change the reconcialiation status save and unblocked.

      noted: if you are using open item management in this account all open item must be cleared.

      Best Regards,


  • Mar 15, 2017 at 03:53 PM


    There is nothing strange in the case you described. After the corrections in 2016, you should have performed CF of balances to rectify the opening balance for 2017. Instead, you made a posting in 2017 which is definitively unnecessary. You should reverse it and perform C; the order of these actions is not important.



    P.S. As general remark, it is not a good idea converting an account to reconciliation one.

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