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VizFrame Scrollbar issue in IE

Mar 15, 2017 at 11:49 AM


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Hey together,

I realized something like this official VizFrame Example.

If you zoom in you can see the scrollbar at the bottom of the chart.

In Chrome Browser everything works fine.

The problem is in Internet Explorer the scrollbar disappears after short time. No Error in the Console. Furthermore i tried several configuration in the VizProperties without success.

Is this problem known?

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3 Answers

Henrik Lawall
Mar 20, 2017 at 08:29 AM

We have the same problem and tried removing every property but also without success. I would appreciate any hint on how to solve this issue.

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Is it possible that you are using a touch device? Tried the site also on desktop machines without touch witthout issues.


We contacted the developers of VizFrame and they said the same. I am personally not using a touch device but we are working on a virtual machine over a Windows Terminal Server so I guess the touch detection does not work correctly there.

The developers also gave the hint to set an environment variable:

sap.viz.api.env.globalSettings({"treatAsMobile": "off"});

But be aware that you cannot use it in mobile/touch mode at all after that. However you could implement your own browser/device detection then.


Thank you! Nice hint.

We also noticed that this problem only occurs when we use a tablet.

A K Mar 20, 2017 at 09:20 AM

Still, IE has less points for HTML5 support, that why you are getting this kind of error. It could be better to go with chrome instead of IE.

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I totally admit that Chrome is the better browser but unfortunately many companies including our customer use IE.

If you press F12 in IE and click on "Emulation" and set the "user agent string" to "Google Chrome", the Internet Explorer displays everything correctly. There are probably some functions in the source code that check if IE is used and then set some properties differently, but in this case that causes more problems than it solves.

Chapman Wong
Dec 26, 2017 at 08:15 AM

Sorry for the late reply. This issue should be fixed on the latest SAPUI5. Please kindly try again.

This is an issue on IE. Normally, navigator.userAgent will return a string consist of the status of browser. For IE 11 on Windows 10, it will consist of "Touch" token on some non-touch screen laptop that incorrectly recognize such machine as touch screen enabled. For chart library, if such "Touch" token exist, it will render chart in Mobile mode and scroll bar vanished after 3 seconds of showing is one of the mobile behavior. However, no Touch token in the returned string from navigator.userAgent so the scroll bar works fine.

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