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Webdispathcer configuration - HANA XS connection

Mar 15, 2017 at 11:10 AM


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I’m setting up a connection between Fiori Launchpad and HANA XS using SAP Webdispatcher.

The propose of this configuration is to setup Fiori Analytical Apps (SMART Business apps). I have installed with success SAP ANALYTICS FOUNDATION and SAP SMART BUSINESS FOR ERP on HANA side and SAP SMART BUSINESS FOR ERP on Frontend Server (NW 7.51).

The backend system (ERP) is ERP 6 EHP 8 on HANA (Suite on HANA).

This is my configuration in Webdispatcher to HANA XS:

wdisp/system_3 = SID=SND, XSSRV=,,

I’ve tried using other parameters like SRCSRV but to make it simple for this initial test phase I’ve user the one above as in SAP Guides.

The connection from webdispatcher to XS seems to be working and the profile test, and server tab on SAP Managment Console indicates that.

The problem here is that we cannot call with success xsodata services from XS using the Webdispatcher, it says HTTP 503 not found. If we call the xsodata direct from XS URL it returns the XML.

We are talking about HANA Multi-Tenant scenario and the configuration to use XS with tenants has been done (tenant alias:, public URLs and etc).

We applied 2088121 - Web Dispatcher - Access to /sap/hana/xs/internal/topology.xscfunc is denied, just in case.

This is an example of xsodata call that working calling XS direct URL and does not work calling from webdispatcher (HTTP 503 not found) - Ok - Not Ok

We have installed the latest version of Webdispatcher yesterday and HANA version is 2.0

I’ve attached a few print screen take help me explaining the error:

Print 1 – result of profle checker: “sapwebdisp pf=..profile.. –checkconfig”


Is this supposed to return Checking xsengines with URL "/": without any url ?

Print 2 – Webdispatcher SAP Management Console - Servers


Connection is ok. Is this supposed to be ABAP type system?

Print 3 – xsodata call ok from XS Tenant URL


Print 4 - xsodata call not ok from Webdispatcher URL (should be forwarding to XS Tenant DB)


Print 5 - Webdispatcher SAP Management Console – URL Prefixes


No URL for /sap/hana or /sap/hba and etc.

SND is the backend system.

FID is the frontend system.

SND is also the SID of tenant db. We tried using another SID (TNT for example) when configuring the system in webdispatcher, just in case, but that doesn't seems to be the problem.

Anyone know where the problem might be?

Thank you.

Best regards,

Tiago Monteiro

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Dear Tiago,

Were you able to Solve the Problem? Is it working for you? I'm also trying to configure the SAP Web Dispatcher for Multiple KPI Modeler instances, Connection to one system is working perfectly file but to the other, it is giving me a trouble.

Nothing is popping up or coming in F12 apart from "/sap/hba/r/sb/core/odata/modeler/SMART_BUSINESS.xsodata">> already Registered.

Any advice would be very appreciable.

Thanking you,

~ Mahendra

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