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Aug 09, 2006 at 02:29 PM

Sales Order matrix - Lost Focus event



I have an addon customization that needs to do the following:

Apply some custom discounts to prices on the Sales order and Sales

Quote matrices based on quantity entered.


I have written code in the Lost focus events of of the sales order and

sales quote to calculate these discounts.Here is what I am seeing:

1. There is a performance issue when the user tabs out of the quantity

field on the Sales Order window. It seems to cause excessive screen

flicker and the cursor seems to pass through each field in the matrix.

2. I then looked up sdn and found one topic that spoke about adding the pVal.InnerEvent check to the code. I tried that but I found that the pVal.InnerEvent flag was always false. As a result my code never got executed.

3. This functionality works perfectly fine on the Sales Quote matrix in the same lost focus event without ANY performance issues.

Why is this issue happening on the sales order window alone when the

code is exactly the same?

Please advise. If oyu could send me some sample code on how to do this

I would really appreciate it.



See Code in the lost focus of Sales Order:

if(pVal.ItemUID == "38" && pVal.BeforeAction == false && pVal.ColUID == "11")