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Aug 09, 2006 at 08:00 AM

SEM-BCS: A few queries


Hi! All

Hi! Eugene,

Thanks for the input...I have a few more queries.

1. The first year of historical upload of yearly values is 2001(mainly for reporting purposes) while the monthly values will come from 05 onwards and elimination logic will begin from 04 onwards i.e. the system should acomodate elimination and reclass reprting for 04. If I understand you correctly then the first period period should be 1/2001 rather than 1/05 when monthly values are entered for monthly consolidations.

2. We have got a hierarchy and master data on 0CS_ITEM. In the hierarchy, the lowest node is the G/L Acct. # without description. Is it right to assume that when u sychronize the hierarchies, it will also get the Account # and description, if available, and you won't have to get Master data separately from 0CS_item. The issue is that we are not able to get the Acct. description with 0CS_ITEM hierarchy.Do these need to be synchronized separately??(Going from BW to BCS). If brought separately, the hierarchy and master data, I assume the lowest node i.e. G/L acct. will be overwritten by G/L acct. and description as in Master Data on 0CS_ITEM..please confirm.

4. when I run UGMDSY20 for synch. of hiearchies, it ask for the application in which I find Master finance and nothing under application what should be the ideal values that one looks for here....if I choose BCS in App.,then App. Area is the Data basis...please shed some light on this...

4. Another issue concerning master data is that when I run UGMDSYNC, it does not show me the same master data i.e. all fields that I can see in BW under 0CS_ITEM. I put the Source=BW and Target = Local.In source, I see only Cons. Chart Acct, Item, Bid-check and be created while in the master data on 0CS_ITEM, I can see Cons. Chart Acct.,Item, Lang, Short and long description.

5. In SEM 6.0, when you define the Document # Ranges, the Comment field does not appear i.e. wherein you enter the posting level less than 20 etc.for each number range, Is it standard or sth. is missing??

Thanks again for your earliest attention and input.