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Aug 09, 2006 at 08:00 AM

Restricted key figures corrupted


Suddenly we get a lot of error messages when executing or checking several of our queries. According to the error messages we are using several characteristics that have been removed from the InfoProvider. That is not the case. When checking the queries, we discovered that the problem is some missing restricted key figures. Queries without these restricted key figures executes without any problems.

Several of the missing restricted key figures are included in calculated key figures. For example this one:

+ 'Tariffinntekter prosessering tørrgass' + + + + + + 'Tariffinntekter Transport Tørrgass' + 'Tariffinntekter Transport olje' BDF05MJ5QD1SAKY2POOFRDB8O 4SVIZHTYKXDC630PEBFB6SMGO A3LGOXVV8781IE9OLZJ9R2C9D 3EXDW52H4NGHM78IQNB1LRJ4V 93X2ZK8GN7P77VRHDGH28CRIB

As you see, it is clearly corrupted. Several of the restricted key figures have been removed. Instead we have got those cryptic codes into the formula.

When trying to recreate the restricted key figures, we are told the name is already in use. So they still exist in some way. But they don't appear in the list so we can't access them in any way.

Any ideas how to clean up this mess? (We would prefer not to create new restricted key figures without at least deleting the old ones first.)