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Aug 08, 2006 at 05:22 PM

Regarding some concepts


hi guys,

can any one help me out to answer these 4 questions

1) What is the exact difference between set screen and call screen.

2) what is SAP memory and ABAP memory

3) when you schedule a job in back ground, it will store in SPOOL list so what is the transaction code for checking spool list.

how do u check contents of spool list - that if i run a bdc in back ground and due to some error back ground process is stopped and only few records are updated to sap system and i need to process the error with the help of spool number generated for that particular job so, how do i do that with the help of spool no, how can i check the contents of spool number.

4) is there any possibility to mount push buttons on selection screen (not on output list) if so how do u do that and how many push buttons are allowed

it wud be great if any one could help me with this.

thanks very much