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Aug 08, 2006 at 05:08 PM

Hierarchy - Search On



This is our first attempt at using hierarchies in BEx. We are using the standard hierarchy for 0ORGUNIT. We are looking at a business content query in the Qualifications area and 0ORGUNIT is one of the fields and it has a variable based on the hierarchy. When the query is executed, the drop down for 0ORGUNIT is selected. The first time it is selected, the display is key and text. But, everytime after that, until the web session is closed and re-opened, only the key appears. Now, this was odd but I also noticed that even if it is the first time into a query, when the drop down is selected and then 'search on' is used, only the key appears and no text. Is there a setting somewhere that I have not found that controls the display for the drop down? The infoobject has key and text as does the properties for the field in the query.

Thanks for any help,