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Control Indicator in QPMK table

Mar 15, 2017 at 07:03 AM


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Dear QM expert,

I need to download all MIC master from one system and need to upload the same data in a new system.

So facing some difficulty to download control indicator field in mic master form QPMK table as this stores as the combination for X and special character

so any solution for this? or can I go for direct table update ?

pls suggest a good solution


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You MUST search on this please!!!

Your posting was reported for failure to search. There is info available on this including an excellent blog on it, if I do say myself.

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1 Answer

Dipeshkumar Bhavsar Mar 20, 2017 at 05:35 AM

Hi Abu,

There is a best way to transfer the MIC is using ALE.

You can refer the

If you are not comfortable with ALE then you need to write a program or Infoset Query to download the Master Inspection Characteristics.

in that program user below code (ask your developer to user below statements to include in your program/infoset)

data ZQMKST type QMKST (this is the structure for control indicators)

MOVE QPMK-STEUERKZ TO ZQMKST. (this statement will distribute QPMK-STEUERKZ into individual values for each control indicators)

And then use ZQMKST to display the fields individually.


Dipeshkumar Bhavsar

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