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Aug 08, 2006 at 02:12 PM

Interesting PCD bug? Runaway process creating objects?


Currently, we are on EP 6 sp 16. We have had a very interesting situation occur with our development portal at random times. Not always, but every so often, the following happens. We will either copy an oobject (for instance an iView) to another folder or change the id on an object. As we step through the wizard on the final step where it should complete the action, it will sit at 50% complete and just flash over and over....50%....over and over....after several minutes, it will error out. You would think that nothing happened, but what actually happens is that it makes THOUSANDS of copies of the object...naming them like myiview_0, myiview_1, myiview_10, myiview_100, myiview_1000, myiview_2, myiview_20....and on and on. And yes, there will be thousands made. As you can guess, it is VERY annoying. Luckily our folder layout makes it easy to simply go delete the whole folder with all the multiple copies, but had we not done that.....geeez....lots of work. What is worse is that sometimes, you can't actually see all the duplicate objects until the portal is restarted (I found this out, because they showed when I tried to create a package but not in the PCD in content admin). They actually are invisible in the PCD!

Sooooo anyone else run across this? Any idea why this might be happening?