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Running out of possible 2char combinations for KNVV-KDGRP field?

Hi, I am hoping you can share your thoughts/ideas of what you would do if you are using the KNVV-KDGRP field to load price conditions and you are running out of possible values to use for that field?

We are currently using the KDGRP value (maintained on the CMF) to load our customer specific price. We are running out of the possible values to load price.

We are looking for different alternatives/ideas of what we could do to allow us continue maintaining our customer specific price using a customer specific attribute. Below are a few options that I can think of.....

1) Use other field/attribute on the CMF record with field length > 2chars to maintain our customer specific price. EG. Customer Group 1-5 (KNVV-KVGR1-5), Attributes 6-10 (KNA1-KATR6-10). Unfortunately, these fields were already used for something else, so unlikely that I can steal them for my Customer Specific price. Any other CMF related field/attribute you think I should check? I checked the Price Groups (VBKD-KONDA), Condition Groups (KNA1-KDKG1-5). These fields were also 2chars length, so they won't help me much.

2) Create a new custom field with 3-4char field length, add it to the CMF screen, maintain it there and bring it onto sales order transaction. Add the new custom field to the price catalog, create condition table, access sequence, condition type using this new field to load price. With 3-4 char field lengths, we will have more available values to select from.

3) MOD the KNVV-KDGRP to expand its field length to 3-4 chars - which is the least feasible option at this point. This option will unlikely get approved at my company for it is a MOD and my company has a very tight governance process over enhancement/mod.

Appreciate any thoughts/suggestions you can share.


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  • Mar 15, 2017 at 09:37 AM

    I guess, you could use a combination of KDGRP and some other field, even if it is just 2 characters, to determine prices, but this seems to be a waste of another potentially useful field.

    I have not encountered a case, where the possible values in KDGRP would be insufficient for pricing purposes. In my opinion, if you have too many combinations for customer group prices, there might be something wrong with the overall pricing concept or the business rules. Is there absolutely no way to determine prices in a different way - e.g. hierarchies, or to use customer classification - some characteristic, which you can set up to your liking? A z-field would be a last resort, I agree, and modifying a standard field - I would not do that, even if it were allowed.

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    • It really depends how exactly the prices are formed - you probably need to discuss with the business to determine whether it makes sense to use customer hierarchy levels for pricing. If this is not possible for some reason, then you could go for customer classification and use characteristics.

      I am still shocked, that you managed to use all possible combinations of letters, numbers and symbols for 2 character permutations - this means at least 112 characters for permutation with repetition , or even a lot more if you count the possible Unicode characters like Arabic, Cyrillic, Greek, Chinese and Hebrew symbols. For 112 characters and 2-character permutations this is 12 544, if you count Unicode, you are getting into the billions range. How many entries do you have in T151? Are you absolutely sure, that you have almost exhausted the possible entries?