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Aug 08, 2006 at 12:52 PM

Does Web Dynpro need DirectX if the client is MsIE?



first a small preface:

We have build a Web Dynpro App which is used in our whole company (where every PC has the same software on it) and also in our wide-spread agencies, where the installed software is differend. We have instructed our employees to use Internet Explorer to call our application.

Now some of our agents reported that they where not able to use our application - they have seen the first page (with some input fields) but if they've started a request to the server they didn't get an answer (we figured that out by using sap-wd-clienttrace">sap-wd-clienttrace> ).

And than a clever one of our agents made it work by activating DirectX. He uses Internet Explorer 6 on WinXP.

Now my questions:

- Did anybody else make the same experience?

- Are there other 'hidden' requirements on the client?

With kind regards,

Bernd Stapel