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check table caused RFC parameter compatible issue

Hello experts,

I see a RFC, one of the parameter PAR1 has a type of a DDIC structure ZSTR (Field of ZSTR has a check table which refer to a DDIC table), and ZSTR contains 1 include (.INCLUDE abc) structure which contain all the fields.

when calling this RFC, the local structure for this parameter is refer to a local structure type.

         include abc.
TYPES: END OF ty_str.
data ls_str type ty_str.
    PAR1 = ls_str

The local structure LS_STR has exactly the same structure as ZSTR.

RFC went well until someone change the check table of the field in ZSTR, the check table is now referred to a view. currently, the local structure type is not compatible with the RFC parameter, it always cause a dump. but I don't see any field changed, Can someone explain me how this happened ?



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1 Answer

  • Mar 20, 2017 at 08:32 PM

    I bet Horst Keller could explain this and he even works at the same company!

    To be honest, you lost me here - at first you're saying "someone change[d] the check table" but then "don't see any field changed". Might want to get the story straight. "How this happened" - how what happened?

    Otherwise this is just ABAP 101 IMHO. Use dictionary definitions to call RFC and maintain consistent definitions. Whoever is changing dictionary must make sure the change won't break anything.

    Rather confused by this question...

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