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Aug 08, 2006 at 08:50 AM

Taxonomy & Search option set - unwanted results



we have configured a search index on a repository :

/documents/Prikbord (this folder has subfolders) :

In each 'postings' folder, an XML form item is created that has a property 'Notice Category' (the images have don't have this property!) to indicate whether the item is for our 'notice board' or our 'lost and found' corner. To visualize all postings by all users to the end users, we have created an index & a query based taxonomy :

Create index 'NoticeBoard'
	Name : Notice Board
	ID : NoticeBoard
	Service : search & classification
	Items to be indexed : documents

	Data sources : /root/documents/Prikbord

	Taxonomies : LostandFound -> automatic classification	-> query based
		     Prikbord	-> automatic classification	-> query based

	Permissions : everyone (read)
	Permission Owners : administrators

Next, we created a search options set :

Search Option Set :
		ID : NoticeBoardSearch
		Description : Standard UI parameter configuration for Notice Board search
		Initial Display of search options : x
		Close options after search x
		Enable Search Options x
		Enable Further Search x
		Default Search Scope : Folder
		Search Index : NoticeBoard
		Root folders for search : /taxonomies/NoticeBoard
		Enable selection of search method x
		Default Search method : linquistic
		Enable result parameters : x
		Enable Cascading search : x
		Enable sorting of search results : x
		default sorting mode : descending
		default property for sorting : cm_rnd_rankvalue
		allowed sort properties : cm_contentlength, cm_displayname, cm_modified, cm_modifiedby, cm_rnd_rankvalue
		enable items selection : x
		default search language selection : ALL
		additional search properties: Cernum_Notice_Category
		enable predifined properties : x
		Allowed prededfined properties : Cernum_Notice_Category, cm_contentlength, cm_displayname, cm_modified, cm_modifiedby, cm_rnd_rankvalue

The system creates for our taxonomy following structure :

                    /Documents to classify (hidden)
                    /Never to classify (hidden)
                ... sorted postings are at this level
                    /Documents to classify (hidden)
                    /Never to classify (hidden)
                ... sorted postings are at this level

Question :

We configured a Search iview, using the search options set defined above. However, the images used in the XML forms appear in the search results as separate entries, although they don't have the 'Notice Category type property' assigned.

How can this be? The search options set has /taxonomies/NoticeBoard assigned as the path to start in, the 'documents to classify' and the 'never to classify' folder are invisible.