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Showing Percentage in Pie Chart Legend

Mar 14, 2017 at 09:57 PM


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Hello everybody,

We have a business requirement to show the percentage along with data value in the pie chart legend. We can show the value by using [[value]] in the value text field. In the label and balloon text field, by using [[percents]]% we can show percentage, this doesn't seem to work for the legend. Is it possible to show the percentages in the legend?

Thank you!

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2 Answers

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Former Member Mar 17, 2017 at 10:20 AM

Can you please provide a screenshot of your pie chart? I think the legend only shows the dimensions as you define them in your data source. It can't show an additional entry with a %. If you provide a screenshot it might help in understanding what you are trying to do.

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Ely Turkenitz Mar 17, 2017 at 11:38 PM

The goal is to show the percentage and values in the legend similar to the bubble display since we plan on removing the labels with the percentages from the pie chart. Currently we are showing just the values in the legend.

Thank you.

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Former Member

I see what you mean now. You want the legend to contain the tooltip information. I don't think you can do it, to be honest, as my understanding was that the legend only shows names of the members of your dimension... I am surprised you could add no. of calls to the legend labels. How did you do that?

I notice, however, that your members are not in a descending order (2092, 7, 4, 21), so I wonder if you could share how is your data source built? Is it a fixed structure or a drilldown? If it's a structure you could add variables to the names to capture no. of calls and percentage, and the legend would automatically display them.

If you could send me a screenshot of your BW query, maybe I could help?



Here's a screen shot of how we integrated the value in the legend.

The order is based on the order that the data was brought in as the Initial View. It's a drilldown, we tried creating an object in the universe for the percentage values but we are experiencing aggregation issues and the percentages doesn't seem to match how the pie chart is calculating it. That is why we want to stick with the percentages that are shown in the pie chart rather than from a calculated universe object.

Thanks for all your input, based on all the research we've done on this topic, we can assume it's not possible and we are going to stay with our original visualization model.

legend-snip.jpg (30.3 kB)

Hi Ely,

Based on the screenshot of the APS, it seems to me that you are using one of the SAP partner extensions (possibly ChartsPLUS) instead of the standard Design Studio chart. If this is the case I suggest you contact the partner directly to confirm if your requirement can be met.