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Create a Delivery only if sales order quantity is 100% avaliable in stock

Mar 14, 2017 at 08:48 PM


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Hi Gurus

I have a sales order in VA01

Pos 10 ITEM1 50 BOX

Pos 20 ITEM2 30 BOX

because I have missing stock the delivery is created just like this in VL01N

Pos 10 ITEM1 49 BOX

Pos 20 ITEM2 28 BOX

I want to create a delivery only if the quantity in delivery is equal than in my sales order. I have differences because stocks quantities, so I need in this cases not create any delivery until complete 100% of my stock.

I'v already used "Complete Delivery flag" (VBAK-AUTLF) and, into the customer I used "Partial delivey field" (KNVV-KZTLF) and also, in customizing, I used "Completion Rule" in the item category, but in all cases the delivery is created.

Any suggestions?


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If you have set any completion rule for sales order items - please, remove it.

Read note 323048 - Sales order 'in process' although delivered+billed and you will understand why this is a bad idea.

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1 Answer

G Lakshmipathi
Mar 16, 2017 at 08:19 AM

You have not mentioned what you have set in customer master. If you have set "C", then definitely, system would have triggered a warning message if you try to execute delivery with partial quantity. The warning message would be VL062 which can be changed to an error message in OVM1. Once you change this, try creating a new sale order and update here.

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