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Former Member
Aug 07, 2006 at 12:14 PM

Problem with File Adapter Communication



I have got an tab delimted file as mentioned below

601252539 5000004 5000004 ZURICH CARGO MCO 00000000005

606012525 5000005 5000004 MIKEN INC 00000000003

I have created proper sender and receiver communication channels with content conversions handled properly.

In my adapter monitoring I am able to see that my Sender & Receiver Communication channel is showing green and the messages are polled from the flat file in my sender communication channel.But I am unable to receive my messages in the receiver.I have even checked up with MONI,no messages are displayed as per my interface.

But everything is fine.When I am sending an XML file.

If there are any mistakes with Content conversion with my tab delimeted file than,some error must be shown in my Adapter monitoring showing my communication channel error.

But everything is going fine with Sender communication channel.

There is a major concern here is when I debug the problem, I found out that my content conversion is working fine and the XML document is getting created and When it is going to XI,I have observed that BLANK DOCUMENT is being sent to XI.So,as a thumb rule.SAP XI wont process any BLANK DOCUMENTS.Thats the reason why my receiver is not receing any messages.

I dont know why,when the content conversion with tab delimted file is converted in XML,When conversion is completed while sending the SAP XI is receiving a blank document.

Can any one help me.

Thank You,