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Aug 07, 2006 at 04:40 AM

Regarding loading failure into ODS



i put the loading to ODS in background .(And one more thing , there is a Infocube on top of ODS).

But i put loading into ODS only and i got the following error .

<b>InfoIDocs missing; Database system


InfoIDocs are missing. The Idocsim BW is created with the database systems as the source system. Since the IDocs are missing, a short dump in BW probably occurred.

System response

No selection information arrived from the source s


Check the short dumps in BW.

Check the data in the InfoCube.


In the event that the data was updated correctly in the InfoCube, then it is possible that no Info-IDocs were created. In this case, manually set the entire status of the data request to "ok" (green traffic light) in the monitor in the Status tab page.</b>

And i checked the shortdump is ST22. It says that


The program GP42KRYWBRNC1XNG520X004ZM1 was terminated manullay .

The curent prgram is terminated by another mode eg: transaction SM50.

SO pls tell me 'what is error means and what i have to do '??

i ll assing the points