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Aug 05, 2006 at 12:22 PM

My questions on BI integrated planning


Hello Experts,

My customer will use NW04s as their platform to perform planning, these days I am investigating the features of BI IP, find that BW-BPS and BI IP can run in parallel for NW04s, so I have to make sure BI IP is powerful enough to meet all my needs as below points, otherwise I am considering to use BW-BPS as safe solution, so please assist me on the investigation on the following issues, currently all the concerns are about input-ready layout presented in Web (or say Portal):

1. Single/Multiple line(s) selection in layout

In old BW-BPS, WIB offers the configuration to select single line in manual layout via radiobutton but without the possibility to offer checkbox for selection in manual layout, i.e. in the past, user can select single line but cannot select multiple line in a web layout.

I wonder in BI IP, is it possible to select single line in layout? and even multiple lines? and how (in web application designer)?

2. Restriction on key figure in layout

I am aware BI IP can use query designer to define the manual layout, so can I use the existing feature "condition" in query designer for the purpose of restricting the range of key figure value in BI IP layout?

3. New rows in layout

When inserting new row in web layout, is BI IP powerful to offer the F4 help(customizable) for some characteristics in the new row(this is already existing in WIB in old BW-BPS)?

4. Enhancement in Layout

CL_UPWB_BSP_APPL is the exit class for WIB layout in old BW-BPS, is this class still valid for BI IP Web application designer layout or any other class/badi emerg as replacement?

Till now I need clarification of the above issues, anybody can give me assistance?

Thanks and best regards,