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Aug 04, 2006 at 06:02 PM

Netweaver JMS issues


I have a stand alone enterprise java application (not an EJB) that currently runs on several servers (one application per server). This application allows us to do parellel processing for performance reasons. Another important distinction is that we use a JMS Point-to-Point model with multiple consumers receiving messages off a single queue. The application is basically a JMS asynchronous message consumer, meaning it implements the javax.jms.MessageListener interface so it has the onMessage method.

Currently I have been using JBoss 4.0 as our JMS Provider. I have had no issues for awhile now with multiple consumers receiving messages off a single queue. Recently, I have been asked to move to use Netweaver's JMS provider. I was successful in changing the configurations and sending and receiving messages using the Netweaver JMS provider. However, it appears that I cannot get multiple consumers to receive messages off a single queue. I can successfully launch off several of our applications on several servers all listening to the single queue and I can also put multiple messages into that single queue. However, it appears that only one message consumer can receive a message off the single queue at one time (all the other message consumers seem to wait until the one message is done processing).

Again, I changed the configurations back to JBoss and everything worked fine (I also did it for OpenJMS and it worked as well). My quess is that I either did not setup something correctly or I need to make some kind of administative or jms setting. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Just a side note. If I poll for messages on the single queue instead of using the onMessage() method with multiple message consumers I am able to run parellel processes.