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Aug 04, 2006 at 03:44 PM

Error while applying Java Patch 16 on WAS 640 ABAP+JAVA


Hello Masters,

I am in process of applying Patch 16 to my BW 3.5 WAS 640 ABAP+JAVA systems. I have successfully applied ABAP patch level to 16. Now I am applying to J2EE Patch 16 to system. I did prerequisite check and everything is okay. Platform - Sun Solaris 9, Oracle When I click on apply Patch 16, it goes thru central instance profile, java home directory okay. After this it is asking me to supply file for JCE and I gave path for file "". after that it extracts this file to Java_home/jre and at point when it tries to extract visual.dat, it throws following error :

CJS-00030 Assertion failed: in

function () {

if (!this.hasJ2EE()) {

installer.writeTrace("Can't determine JAVA_HOME of instance " + this.getName() + ": no J2EE engine installed.");

return undefined;


var fmgt = new FileMgt();

var instanceProfile = this.getProfile();

var javaHome = instanceProfile.get("jstartup/vm/home");

if (javaHome) {

return javaHome.value();


var pname = this.getDirInstance() + "/j2ee/cluster/";

var pNode = fmgt.getNode(pname);

ASSERT_DEFINED(arguments.callee, pNode, "pNode(" + pname + ")");

var stream = pNode.getFileStream("READ");

ASSERT_DEFINED(arguments.callee, stream, "stream(" + pname + ")");

var props = new R3Profile(stream);

for (var it = props.propertyNames(); !it.isDone(); {

var p = it.get();

if ("JavaPath") != -1) {

return p.value();



ASSERT(arguments.callee, false, "no property with JavaPath in its name found in file " + pname);


no property with JavaPath in its name found in file /usr/sap/QWA/DVEBMGS02/j2ee/cluster/

ERROR 2006-08-03 14:57:30

MUT-03025 Caught ESAPinstException in Modulecall: ESAPinstException: error text undefined.

WARNING 2006-08-03 14:57:30

The step checkIfSafeModeIsEnabled with step key ApplySupportPackage|ind|ind|ind|J2EE_Engine|6.30|0|PatchJ2eeEngine|ind|ind|ind|J2EE_Engine|6.30|0|checkIfSafeModeIsEnabled was executed with status ERROR.

WARNING 2006-08-03 14:58:54

An error occurred during the installation.


Your input will be greately appreciated and would reward points.