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Aug 04, 2006 at 09:34 AM

New to BW and looking to acheive certification - Advice please.


Hi All,

First let me say Hi to you all, I am new to SAP and SDN, I hope i will be talking with many of you over a longer period and after my initial period of learning, I hope i can contribute answers to this group.

I am based in the UK, Hertfordshire, near London.

I have secured my first role in BW, I come from a diverse background, latest ASP.Net with C#, prior to that Business Objects report developer for a short while, prior to that, other varied I.T. roles.

As said, I am now in a BW role. I am looking to acheive certification in BW 3.5 in around 6 months or so. I want to get studying ASAP really. The reasons for wanting to do the certification study are that i am hoping the certification study will push my learning of BW along at a faster pace than I may acheive otherwise (i am starting with Zero experience).

I would appreciate any advice that others can give about the best route to go for certification WITHOUT attending offical SAP courses (i dont think i will be able to get the courses).

I am looking for any advice on study materials, what areas to cover in my studies and the best way to move forward with my learnings really.

I have read other postings on this group that were quite helpful, but i am really looking for an answer that will give me a 'strategy' to take my learnings forward as well as any specific help in relation to study materials.

<i>I am looking at giving away my first points, so best answer(s) will <b>definately</b> be rewarded.</i>

Thank you for all those that take the time to reply.