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Aug 04, 2006 at 06:49 AM

Struck up in creating new software component.


Hi All,

I am referring E-commerce 5.0 landscape basics and concept development and extension guide for creating a project specific web application.

The steps mentioned are as follows:-

1) Check SLD Content for CRM JAVA CUSTOMER Project.

2) Create a new track using landscape configurator.

3) Add software components to track.

4) Import Software components into this track.

5) Check-in archives and import check-in archives into development system.

I m struck in step 2 and not able to proceed furhter. I need some pointers on Landscape configurator. Is this visible in SLD ...If so how to identify it in SLD.i Searched in SLD page but not able to find.

if not in SLD, where is it located and how to Create track.

Please share your inputs.

Thanks in advance.