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Aug 04, 2006 at 01:20 AM

IDoc Collection Scenario (IDoc to Mail Interface)



I am configuring IDoc to Mail Scenario using BPM.

I gone through following link for develop the scenario. I am still unable to complete the scenario.

Collect Idoc


I have done following steps in my configuration. Please correct my steps if i am wrong.

Source is Outbound Invoice IDoc (SAP System).

Target is Inbound EDI 810 format send as a email(Mail System).

1. Create an Abstract Interface for Invoice IDoc(MI_IDoc_ABS)

2. Create a Message Interface for EDI 810 for Inbound(MI_EDI810_IN)

3. Create an Abstract Interface for EDI 810(MI_EDI810_ABS)

4. Message Mapping between Outbound IDoc and Abstract Invoice IDoc. I did this as per one of the above link. but did not understand the importance of this. On Message tab of Message Mapping, it shows the occurance as 1 for both source and target. I did not see the mention of this mapping in the BPM. Not sure if this was required?(MM_IDoc_ABS)

5. Message mapping between Abstract Invoice IDoc to Abstract EDI 810. On the message tab of message mapping, occurance of Source message is changed to 0-unbounded and occurance of target is kept as 1.(MM_EDI810_ABS)

6. Define Interface Mapping for above mappings

a) IM_IDoc_ABS - Outbound Invoice IDoc + MI_IDoc_ABS


b) IM_EDI810_ABS - MI_IDoc_ABS + MI_EDI810_ABS


7. Create a BPM in Integration process. Define 3 Containers namely

a) collectIDoc - Abstract Interface - MI_IDoc_ABS

b) collectIDocList - Abstract Interface - MI_IDoc_ABS(Multiline)

c) targetFile - Abstract Interface - MI_EDI810_ABS

8. Create a Block and define a infinite while loop with Block. Condition to be defined as (1=1)

9. Define a deadline block withing Block with duration = 5minutes

10. Define a Correlation in Correlation editor as SNDPOR as a ID.

11. Define a recieve step inside infinite while loop with following properties

Message = collectIDoc

Start Process = Checked

Use Correlation = Correlation

Activate Correlation = Correlation



12. Define Container operation next to recieve step. properties are

Target = collectIDocList

Operation = Append

expression = collectIDoc

13. Outside the block, there is Transformation Step with following properties

Interface Mapping = IM_EDI810_ABS

Source message = collectIDocList

Target message = targetFile

Acknowledgement = None

Reciever From = Send Context

Now the next step is to define Communication Channel and Receiver determination, Interface determination in the Integration Directory.

I don't know, how to go further on these steps.

In addition, could you please validate my above steps.

I appreciate your help.