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Aug 04, 2006 at 01:16 AM

confusions in ABAP while coding


I always have these doubts in my mind when I work them. Please clear them.

1) what is the difference between include structure and append struvture in a table?

2) Can we attach a transcation to a table? if so how can we do that?

3) How to click a event when a cehck box is selected on the selection screen with out presseing enter?

4) What is the sequence of the event while a program is running. for example top of page trigger once the frist write statement in start of selection is occured.

5) Is the any specific use of get cursor when hide is there? ( i know what hide and get cursor does)

6) what is the advantage/difference in creating screen via executable program and via module pool?

7) what is differnce between on change and new? I guess both behaves the same way when ever there is change in any field on the left hand side on which the one change is used. these( on change/at new) trigger. correct?