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Aug 03, 2006 at 04:38 PM

Send file from application server to ftp server


Dear Sirs, we have to send a text file from our sap application server (45B on unix) to a ftp server on windows.

1)First we try to use the FTP_R3_TO_SERVER like this:

call function 'FTP_R3_TO_SERVER'


handle = g_handle

fname = p_file

blob_length = l_blob_lenght


blob = pt_file


tcpip_error = 1

command_error = 2

data_error = 3

others = 4

Where pt_file is a internal table filled with content of

the file declared like this:

data: begin of it_file occurs 0,


end of it_file.

The files arrives on the destination, but is empty.

2)After we try to use the FTP_COMMAND like the RSFTP002 program, but our source file is on application server so my command is like this

put /usr/sap/D41/SYS/global/abc.txt

The command runs but the log displays

"The system cannot find the path specified".

Notice that FTP_CONNECT

and other ftp commands like cd <dir> works well.

Have you some to suggest ?

Best Regards.

Riccardo Galli