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Recieps in IBP ?

Mar 14, 2017 at 10:11 AM


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Hello Team,

We can maintain the BOM and the component coefficients, and the lead times and the production types etc.

But i dint saw any ibp standard master data to store the Receipe or Production versions.

Unlike in APO, where we have the APO PPM or PDS which gets utilized in APO SNP and PP-DS...


1) Do we have any standard data for Receipe or Production versions ?

2) What we can do with them ? Does the IBP Supply Optimizer can utilize them ? We don'e even have Order based key-figures even?

Please throw some light on this forum



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Alecsandra Dimofte
Mar 15, 2017 at 11:04 AM

Hi Venkat,

This is not available out of the box but you can try modelling it. You can maintain PRODUCTA_LOCX_V1 (version 1) and PRODUCTA_LOCX_V2 (version 2) in ProductionSourceHeader and have time dependent production ratios to define the quota of each version.



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Former Member

Hello Alecsandra,

Thanks for the response.

That's very interesting to create custom production version with time-dependent attributes like quota & cost.

Can you please extend your help in clarifying the below points

1) If i make two production versions, Can i map these custom master data with the relevant production versions in S4 through HCI ?

2) Can i add costs to the production versions, say I can make One finished good in One plant in Two Different ways i.e Two different Production Versions. And when i run Opitimizer, can i feed these cost attributes in to the Optimizer and let the algorithm opt for the optimal one

Awaiting for your thoughts on this :)





Production Cost Rate is defined @PERPRODLOCSRC planning level, having source id as a root. Each production version will have an unique source id. So if you run heuristics allocation will be done based on quotas and if you run optimizer allocation will be done based on costs.

Regarding interface mapping, first you need to identify the need of integration. Do you implement a tactical planning process? If yes, it might be sufficient to have a simplified BOM in IBP, bring only the critical components. This is something to be discussed with business and integration consultant. Keep in might that HCI-DS has many transformation capabilities which you might find used in interface build.