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Aug 03, 2006 at 01:09 PM

Using JSP based PCR forms in ERP2005 rather than Adobe interactive forms


We are currently upgrading from EP5.0 business package 50 to EP7.0 with ERP2005 (ECC 6.0) and are trying to configure our existing custom personal change request forms with our scenarios.

Originally our custom PCR scenarios where JSP iView and we are hoping to use these again as part of ERP2005. The customisation seems to support this – transaction QISESCENARIO for each scenario you have the option ‘Entry Type in Web’ and you can set it to ‘Entry Using JSP iView’. We can configure the internet link and the portal component also for our JSP view.

When we try to run this however we get the exception ‘No Adobe Form Is Assigned to the Scenario’. After a quick debug it seems that you always need the Adobe form to be configured.

None of the documentation for ERP2005 suggests that you can use anything other than Adobe forms, which contradicts the configuration in QISESCENARIO.

The ISR cookbook (written July 2004) details the creation and configuration of JSP request forms but not what versions they are compatible with.

Developing you own PCRs for ERP2004 (Can’t find an ERP 2005 version) does not mention JSP iViews at all.

The release notes for ERP2005 don’t give this a specific mention.

So, my question is are the use of JSP based request forms permitted with ERP2005 ?