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Create custom F4 search help for Personnel Number in SAP Personas 3 sp4

Mar 14, 2017 at 09:45 AM


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Hi all,

I have a requirement to search for a PA record but from the main SMEN screen.

My ideas was to create a search help based upon the one used in the main PA20 screen :

This is the tech info on this search:

Basically i am trying to recreate this search:

However I am struggling somewhat. I have tried to follow this thread

in the section "Handling situations without suitable search help references but I keep getting errors about "Unable to assign search field"

Has anyone managed to recreate this search field, or give any indication as to what I am doing wron?

kind regards,


pa20-search.jpg (25.6 kB)
tech-info.jpg (54.4 kB)
search.jpg (20.2 kB)
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This really isn't going very well :(

The one search I would like to do in different screens is the PREM search on employee number. But no matter what I do, whenever i try to create a search on PERNR I always end up with the same "F4 help not provided for field PERNR in table (insert any table you like here!)" message.

Has anyone managed to utilise this search anywhere else, or am I restricted to only being able to use this search in PA20 or PA30 where it normally resides.

Any comments more than welcome, even if it is confirmation that what I am trying to achieve cannot be done, at least then I can stop trying to get it to work :)



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Tamas Hoznek
Mar 24, 2017 at 07:17 PM

I'm not sure I understand why is there an issue... there are so many references to the PREM search help in various DDIC fields, you just have to pick one. I whitelisted table P0000, field PERNR and got the exact same search help in my SMEN flavor working fine. I must be missing something why would this be a problem.

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hi Tamas,

Thank you :)

I have to be honest I was purely focussed on creating a new search help I didn't even think to to pick a different search, and was really struggling.

This is a total livesaver for me.

Thanks so much,