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Aug 03, 2006 at 11:44 AM

Product category/multiple backends (BBP_DET_LOGSYS)


Hello SRM gurus,

At this moment we’re upgrading from SRM2.0 to SRM5.0 in the Classic Scenario. The Ramp-Up system is on SP4 (SAPKIBKT04) and kernel release 700 (SP 61).

We’re having a problem with product categories in multiple backend systems. This is defined in SPRO >> SRM >> SRM Server >> Technical Basic Settings >> Define backend system for product category. This table (BBP_DET_LOGSYS) has only three fields: category ID, Source system and Target system (with the first two fields being the key fields).

The current SRM environment at our client is used globally with approximately 17 backends. Instaed of replicating the product categories form each backend they have maintain the Product cateories locally in

the SRM system(via transaction COMM_HIERARCHY) and are used throughout the world. This means the source system for the product categories is always SRM but the target systems are different.

However, given the definition of table BBP_DET_LOGSYS it isn’t possible to maintain this data. For example:

Product category 001

Source system SRM1

Target systems BCKEND1 and BCKEND2

Making the first entry (001/SRM1/BCKEND1) isn’t a problem. However, the second entry cannot be made, as that combination of key fields already exists.Could you advise how to deal with this situation? We’ve searched for

applicable notes but haven’t found anything useful.


Bharat M