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Aug 03, 2006 at 10:19 AM

Employee search event name (EP7)


Can anyone tell us what the technical name of the event is from the "employee search" iView in MSS. This iView replaces the "team viewer" that was used in previous versions.

We want to pass the employee number to a custom iView that we have developed but cannot find any documentation which has the name of the event that we need to subscribe to.

From sap help ; "Employee Search iView.

Managers select an employee in the Employee Search iView. Using <b>Eventing</b>, the Floorplan Manager informs the remaining iViews on the page that a new employee has been selected. The iViews obtain the personnel number of the selected employee and display the relevant information for this employee."

Fine - we know how to use "eventing" but need the event name!

Anyone happen to know it?