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Aug 02, 2006 at 06:49 PM

Creation of error log on input data and stat report


I am doing call transaction on C202 client asked me before uploading the file he needs some validations on input file and he is asking me to create a log for all the validations.i have to place error lof for all the input data.

•An error log will record all errors occurring during upload. For each error the list should

contain the data (line) going in error and an error text in a subsequent column (subsequent to data). The change number used to perform the upload will be stated in the header of the error list.A txt-file containing the error log will get the same name as the input file, but with an ending –err.xls.

Therefore no Batch-Input-Session is needed.

• After execution of the batch input program, the following analysis regarding execution will be shown:

o Number of records in input file (including title, first line)

o Number of records successfully updated

o Number of records in error


Number of records in input file (incl. first line) 4

Number of records successfully updated: 3

Number of records in error: 0

How to do this according to client requirements.can u help me to get a statastical way to represent errors. Send me some smpale code for number of errors and no records gets success and no of failed.