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Aug 02, 2006 at 05:44 PM

DMS Object link for PRT Couldnot Display in CV02N


Hi PLM DMS Gurus ,

I have been investigating adding an object link for PRT which is CRVS_B screen 214. I have added this to the one document type. However, when I attempt to see the object link from the CV02N transaction, it does not appear to recognize the PRT assignment from the IA06 Change General Task List PRT Overview screen. Do any one have any idea of why this may be behaving in this way? Any feedback you can provide will be appreciated.

When I add the Documents through transaction CF02/01 then it is showing in the CV02N transaction Object link , But if I attach the same Document# through IA06 then it is not showing it.

steps to attach the document .

1. Go to IA06 select a group

2. Double click the task list and create an Operation

3. Choose the Operation and click into the PRT button in the bottom of the screen.

4 . Here you can find an option to attach your Document .

5. Once you attach note down the document number and goto CV02N and see the object Link . You will not find that .

I am doubted whether I am using the right screen number or not (CRVS_B screen 214) . Do we have any other way or anyother program & screen to show the Object link to the PRT created through IA06 .

How do we find the program and screen which is not listed in the developement class CV ?.

Any Inputs are highly appreciable and rewardable.

Thanks & regards,

Ramesh babu .P