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Aug 02, 2006 at 07:53 AM

170 Idocs, 30 min for each one. How can I go faster?


Hello I have send 170 Idocs with 2000 segments each one using the TCode PFAL.

Whne I want to execute the IDoc in the receiving system , 1 Idoc takes like 30 minutes. I use the Tcode BD87 or program RBDAPP01.

I went and see the SM50 and it does is erase all the tables PAxxxx and HRPxxxx. It only has to erase 5 tables (pa0000, pa0001, pa0002, pa0003, pa0105, hrp1000 & hrp1001).

This is for the module of HR.

How can the execution culd be faster and only do those tables?

Thank you very much.