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To block the output in Sales order when the orders is blocked in GTS

Mar 13, 2017 at 05:01 PM


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Hi All,

Our SAP ECC is integrated with SAP GTS. When we create the sales order in ECC, the same will be screened(SPL,Embargo,Legal control) in SAP GTS and it will be blocked in GTS in case if it is not compliant as per the rules defined in GTS.

We have an EDI output which will trigger immediately when the order is saved even though that order is blocked in GTS. Our requirement is to block/not to trigger the EDI output from the sales order when it is blocked in GTS.

Below are my initial understanding and need your suggestions for blocking the output from Sales order if it is blocked in GTS.:

  1. Additional condition is to be added in Output requirement, i.e, initially check the status of order in GTS, then output should not be triggered if the status of order is blocked in GTS.
  2. My doubt is, how to generate the output in Sales order, if the order is released in GTS?

Request you to kindly share your ideas or points if you have implemented similar requirement.

Thanks in advance!



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1 Answer

Jelena Perfiljeva
Mar 16, 2017 at 08:51 PM

#1 - correct

# 2 - When the order is released in GTS it should trigger update in ECC and it will trigger output determination again.

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Hello Jelena,

Thank you for the inputs!

Regarding point# 2: Could you please suggest technically how to achieve the trigger update in ECC when the order is released in GTS which in turn should trigger the output determination in Sales order


Does GTS not actually update the order already? How does it block it then? When you go on to create a consequent document in ECC how would it know the order is blocked in some other system?

Sorry but I don't know how GTS works, I can only speak for the SD part and to trigger new output determination in standard you need to update the order. Otherwise some kind of custom program may be needed. Why not discuss this with a GTS consultant?

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Hello Jelena,

As far i know, when we try to create the consequent document in ECC through RFC status of the order will be checked in GTS and no subsequent will be created if there any block exists in GTS.

I too thought to address this requirement through custom program but I'm looking for a better way to implement the output determination as you mentioned that "to trigger new output determination in standard you need to update the order".

Hopefully will get the solution soon.

Thanks for your assistance.