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Aug 01, 2006 at 02:47 PM

Use of macro's in Integrated Planning


Dear all,

Considerations regarding planning in Excel or Web are taken into account. Customer likes to connect existing Excel-sheets to Planning Excel-sheet. Macro’s are available for this in BPS-Excel (transfer data to SEM-BPS1 sheet).

Some questions regarding this:

1. Are these macro’s also available in IP? And if not, how to connect existing Excel-sheets to sheet used for Planning (i.e. BW-workbook)?

2. Using BPS and IP in Web: is it possible to make connection to Excel-sheets in Web? I.e. Are the macro’s in Web Excel available or is there another possibility?

3. There are How to documents available for ‘Upload of flatfiles in BPS’. Are these also valid for IP?

Kind regards, Harjan