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Aug 01, 2006 at 01:22 PM

Regarding finding out Partner function based on Sales Order/Output Type


Hi All,

<b>I have a issue in finding out Partner function[PARVW], Message partner[PARNR], Message transmission medium[NACHA], Teletex number[TELTX], User name[USNAM], Message processed manually[MANUE], Country Key[TLAND] and some other fields all are related to NAST table.</b>

Actually we have one script which is already working when we run from from <b>VA02/03</b> for single order.

When we execute from <b>VA02/03</b> all <b>NAST</b> table entries are filled up and by using those entries we are fetching remaining entries and displaying them in Output.

Now we are developing another program where we will have a selection screen with <b>Sales order, Output Type & Order Type</b> and execute the program and then we will get list of sales orders in <b>ALV list output</b> with check boxes before every record.

Now if we select one (or) multiple records from there and click on Print Prevview button i am calling above <b>SAP Script Print Program</b> but now in that P.Program we will not have any <b>NAST</b> table entries other than Sales Order and Output Type those can be moved to [<b>NAST-OBJKY, NAST-KSCHL</b>].

But here what about other fields in <b>NAST</b> table like <b>PARVW, PARNR, NACHA, TELTX, USNAM, MANUE, TLAND</b> etc.

How can we get them as we are exclusively using those other <b>NAST</b> table entries in above <b>SCRIPT/Print Program</b>.

Can anybody solve this issue!

Thanks in advance.

Thanks & Regards,