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Aug 01, 2006 at 01:17 PM

how to re-run output determination after goods issue through idoc



i've got a question about output determination. We are currently in a process to automate picking, packing and goods issue through a 3rd party software. The software creates DELVRY03-Idocs including picking, packing and goods issue-information. Picking, packing and goods issue work just find and after submitting the idoc, the delivery is updated as needed.

The problem arises when it comes to printing the shipping document on the printer belonging to the picking station that just processed the delivery. To determine the correct printer, the external software includes the picking station number inside the idoc. A user exit in idoc_input_delivery puts the number (3 digits) into likp-traid. The customizing for using this field inside output determination is complete and seems to be working.

The problem is: as the number of the picking station is not known before goods issue, the LD00 message must not be generated before goods issue. I used the appropriate condition insinde the message scheme, the message is not generated until goods issue is complete. After processing the DELVRY03-Idoc, the message should be found and generated, but it isn't. When i take a look at the delivery after submitting the idoc, goods issue is complete, picking and packing is done - and no sign of an header message of type LD00. First i thought about a misconfiguration inside my customizing for output determination, but when i access the delivery via vl02n (change delivery), output determination seems to be processed again and without making any changes or actions, LD00 is generated and waiting for processing. After saving the delivery, LD00 is processed and the shipping document is printed exactly where it should be.

So, as my customizing seems to work and everything else around idoc processing doesn't make any problems either, i conclude that, after processing the idoc, R/3 just needs a little kick to re-run the output determination, find the now fitting condition for LD00, find the appropriate entry in the condition table and print the document.

I already tried report rsnast00, but this one just seems to run already created messages.

Any ideas how to automate this little "kick in the butt"?

Thanks in advance!