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Fiori - IconTabSeparator visibility is not working on FLP

Hi All,

I have set visibility of IconTabSeparatorbased on condition in my application, which is working fine when I test Fiori app as alone on non-FLP

the same if I test from FLP-launchpad icon separator visibility is always true

Below is my XML code which working fine as non-FLP

					<IconTabBar visible="{visModel>/visIconTabBar}" expanded="true" id="idIconTabBar" select="handleIconTabBarSelect"
							<IconTabFilter icon="sap-icon://detail-view" visible="{visModel>/visSelOdrs}" iconColor="Positive" text="Select Orders" id="idSelOdrs"
							<IconTabSeparator  id ="idSelOdrsIcon" icon="sap-icon://open-command-field" visible="{visModel>/vislOdrDtls}"/>
							<IconTabFilter icon="sap-icon://sales-order" visible="{visModel>/vislOdrDtls}" iconColor="Critical" text="Order Details" id="idlOdrDtls"
							<IconTabSeparator id ="idDelOdrsIcon" icon="sap-icon://open-command-field" visible="{visModel>/visDelOdrs}"/>
							<IconTabFilter icon="sap-icon://shipping-status" iconColor="Negative" visible="{visModel>/visDelOdrs}" text="Deliveries for Order"
								id="idDelOdrs" key="DelivDtls"/>
							<IconTabSeparator id ="idDelOdrs1Icon" icon="sap-icon://open-command-field" visible="{visModel>/visDelOdrs1}"/>	
							<IconTabFilter icon="sap-icon://shipping-status" iconColor="Positive" visible="{visModel>/visDelOdrs1}" text="Delivery Details"
								id="idDelOdrs1" key="DelivDtls1"/>
				visVbox: true,
				visIconTabBar: false,
				visSelOdrs: false,
				vislOdrDtls: false,
				visDelOdrs: false,
				visDelOdrs1: false,
				visSelBtn: true,
				visResetBtn: true,
				idtable0: false,
				idOrdBtn: false,
				idDelBtn: false,
				idSrNoBtn: false,
				visHomeBtn: false,
				selDelivFlag: "",
				visTabDelv1: false,
				visTabDelv2: false,
				vFilterQuery: "",
				vFilterQuery1: "",
				vFilterQuery2: "",
				vFilterQuery3: "",
				idDel1Btn: false
			this.getView().setModel(this.model, "visModel");
			sap.ui.getCore().setModel(this.model, "visModel");

I don't see any errors at run time , and no clue



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1 Answer

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    Mar 13, 2017 at 03:45 PM

    Adding another pic, before starting road map it should be like below pic.But in FLP its always showing Icon Tab separators


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