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OR conditions in report Selections in C4C

Mar 13, 2017 at 03:34 PM


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Hi pros,

Is it possible to create an OR Selections over different fields in C4C reports?

By default OR operator is applied to defferent values in the single field in a selection while AND is applied over all field values in selection. There is no way to make a selection with OR operator over several fields.


There is a report showing the list of customer locations with variables: RREGION and SUB-REGION.

I can make a selections:

- ((SUB-REGION == Canada) || (SUB-REGION == USA)) && (REGION == Americas) to show all clients in Canada and USA. Logically they are aslo included in Americas

- (SUB-REGION == Canada) || (SUB-REGION == India) to show all clients in Canada and India.

But I can't create a selection:

- ((SUB-REGION == Canada) || (SUB-REGION == USA)) || (REGION == Asia) to show all clients in Canada, USA and Asia because there is no OR operator over multiple fields in selection.

Records with SUB-REGION Canada or USA will always belong to Americas, so no records would be displayed in C4C.

This is a big reporting requirment for our customer. So I am very eager to know if anything could be done about it.

Best regards,

Nadezhda Rukavishnikova

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Vinita Sinha
Feb 09 at 06:47 PM

Hi Nadezda,

You are right in your understanding that within a selection parameter, the individual values are separated by 'OR', while across selection parameters it uses 'AND'. So ((SUB-REGION == Canada) || (SUB-REGION == USA)) will be joined with an AND condition for (REGION == Asia) because they refer to different selection parameters

Option1: If you want to work with specific sub-regions, you can ignore the Region parameter altogether, and only define the specific sub-regions you need

Option2: If you find this tedious and say out of 10 sub-regions you want 8, you could also say Regions == USA || ASIA, AND exclude Sub-Region India || China. Remember though that from a performance perspective, we recommend avoiding Negation conditions, instead use Equal to sort of conditions

Hope this helps

Cheers !


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