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Aug 01, 2006 at 05:31 AM

reg: interview question


hello friends,

please answer the following questions.and guide me many events are there in alvs,what r they, how the comment is written in alv.

2.what is the procedure to send smartform as a mail.

3. how can you attach the transport request for scripts.

4.there r 10,000 records in a flatfile and first record contains error, if i upload to the bdc pgm,and run in session method what will happen.

5.what is the procedure to get secondary lists more than 20.

6.what is the SLIN transaction code.

7.what is the PICK function type in module pool.

8.what happens if u use the same event twice in a report.


10.difference between SE09 AND SE10.

11.what is SUPPRESS DAILOG in module pool.

12. what is mean by DRIVER TABLE. what will happen when the driver table while usibg the for all entries does not contain any data.

13.can u get both landscape and portrait in a same layout. if yes how. have 5 secondary lists. how can u move from 4th secondary list to initial list in interactive report.

1. get cursor and hide

2. set and get parameter

3.view and search helps.

4. in brief abt user exits and tab strips.