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Jul 31, 2006 at 08:11 PM

Problem in Integration Directory after transport



we did a SLD transport (only LD objects), with DEV and PRD groups. It had some error messages because the SWCV's from the Dev XI were not created into PRD XI, but apparently, despite the errors, the products and SWCV's were created.

After that, we've done IR and ID objects transports, through File System.

Apparently, the IR part was OK.

In the ID, it correctly changed the Business Systems from Dev Configuration to their respective transport targets. However, if we try to open any Adapter, it gives an error message:

Attempt to access the 1 requested objects on 1 failed. Detailed information: Unable to read object Adapter Metadata SOAP | (b38bcd00-e471-11d7-afac-de420a1145a5) of type AdapterMetaData from application REPOSITORY on system REPOSITORY. Detailed information: Software component version with GUID b38bcd00-e471-11d7-afac-de420a1145a5 does not exist

And if we try to create a new Adapter, when we go to select adapter type (SOAP, File, RFC etc) it says


Search Result for All Component Versions

No objects found!


So, we can't select any adapter type.

Has anyone had this error before?

What did we do wrong in the transport?

Was it the error from the SLD transport that caused this?

Thanks in advance,