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Jul 31, 2006 at 07:51 PM

Incorrect page-break in Smartform



We are using a smartform for invoice print out. We want to have a running total on every page of the output. I created a separate window at the bottom of each page to print the running total. I'm using a TABLE to print

the invoice item and I created a program node to compute for the running total using the item amount.

It seems like the smartform is not issuing the page break correctly. During debug, the smartform is printing an item in page 1 (SFSY-PAGE still shows page 1) but during output, this item is being printed in page 2. Since we have already accounted for the item amount in the

running total, our running total ended up higher than expected (because the item that is suppose to be printed in page 1 ended up being printed in page 2).

I also try a different approach using the Footer event and I'm still geting the same issue. I have looked for some OSS notes and did not find any that relates to my issue. Can you please help.