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webdynpro complete application

Hi Friends,

Java WebDynpro scenario:-


I want to understand how to integrate different WebDynpro applications as a complete solution?

In a complete client assignment... should I develop only one project (one ear file)and deploy it on server? and then I should access the WebDynpro applications in this one project file?

in J2EE project, we make one ear application and deploy on server, is it same way here also?

2. how to integrate different WebDynpro iView's created in portal ? Should I make one page for one WebDynpro applications? How to arrange it?

3.Hwo to assign different roles for different WebDynpro ivies,created in a portal?

4.where do I need to combine PDK and WebDynpro?


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2 Answers

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    Posted on Jul 29, 2006 at 04:29 AM


    1. It goes like this. You are requested to develop couple of independent applications on your portal that may access data from a backend system. So what you should do is, create seperate Webdynpro Applications(Projects). Each application will have their own set of screens.

    2.Once this WD Application is ready, from the portal create a <b>WebDynpro based Iview</b> pointing to this application. Whether to make a page having one or more such kind of Iviews depends on your requirement. You can also have one page having 4 WebDynpro Iviews each of these Iviews referring to different applications. But make sure that Iviews Isolation properties are set accordingly.

    3.Create a Role from Content Admininstration. Create a workset and assign it to this page. Now create a page and attach it to this Workset. Finally if you want one Iview on a page, attach this Iview to this page. You can similarly create many pages and attach them to this workset.

    4.Why do you need to comibe PDK and WebDynpro. Do you have a requirement. Each Iview on a Page can be created in different ways. It may be a BSP Iview, WebDynpro Iview or PDK based Iview or even some Transactional Iview. There may be places where on one page there is already an Iview which was done using PDK and now another requirement has come to develop another Iview in WebDynpro on the same page. Now In this scenario, there may be a necessity for both Iviews to Interact.Please refer to documentation of - Eventing in Webdynpro and PDK in



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    • Hi

      Yes, If it is a huge application, then you have to use JDI setup, where you can do a checkin & checkout for each individual objects like Views.. If you want to know more about it, do a search on JDI. Lot of threads are there on it.

      Hope it helps.


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    Posted on Aug 01, 2006 at 01:51 AM

    Hi Kumar,

    I tried quiz application, it does not say any information about multiple component scenario.

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