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Jul 28, 2006 at 09:39 PM

help me out on this one ?



maybe sumone can help me out. Suppose i have made a payment ( document type 'KZ')

                debit         credit
bank            9,500                
Tax              500
vendor                        10,000

I am making a report for cleared items (document type 'KZ') in which i have 3 columns in which i have to show sumthing like this(against each vendor in the bseg),

col1     col2   col 3
10,000  9,500    500

each line item in my report will be of a vendor so i have to give a condition like (KOART = 'K') but i also have to show WRBTR of other line items(of the same document) in the respective columns.

can you demostrate with an example or sumthing..